A couple of fairly light days to ease back in…

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The wife and I just got back from an awesome 6 day cruise to Isla Roatan, Honduras and Cozumel.  It was supposed to include Belize but alas, mother nature had other plans and fogged in the port of Galveston for a couple days which shortened our cruise and ended up removing Belize as a result.  Unfortunately, I gained a few pounds on the cruise and hence my starting weight is 230 lbs.

Anyway, on Monday, January 23rd I did get in a light 2 mile run.  This was my first run in a few weeks due to the cruise, weather, holidays, etc.  The run thankfully felt good and I did pretty good on the food side with a single beef fajita burrito and all the general trimmings that go along with that, but for dinner post run I just had a protein shake to make up for it.  On balance, not great but could have been worse.

Today, Tuesday, January 24th…  I had a better day starting off with blueberry oatmeal, after the morning FIT of course.  Lunch was a 3 piece chicken strip meal from Chick-fil-A with lemonade for the drink.  Dinner is not as bad as it sounds, chili dogs!!!  Yum, but this is turkey hot dogs and turkey chili so no where near the fat you think of when you hear chili dogs…  The workout this afternoon was 15 minutes on the Bowflex Max Trainer which is a really good workout and some stretching.  Overall, I think that’s not too bad a day.  We’ll see how the scale comes out at the end of the week.

Well…  That’s about it for me for today.  Look for another update later in the week and then I’ll be posting an update on the scale probably Saturday or Monday.

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