A new week and morning workouts…

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This week has started out really well on all fronts.  Since I’ve been having too many issues cropping up to derail my workouts in the afternoons I decided to move my workouts to the morning.  This has worked out really well so far in that I’m 3 for 3.  Monday I hit the Chest, Shoulders & Triceps P90X workout.  Tuesday was stretching and the Max Trainer and Wednesday was back to P90X for the Core Synergistics.  I’ve also been trying to squeeze in a bit more walking during the day just as a little extra.

The diet side has been good also.  Of course I’m doing my FITTEAM FIT twice a day and  breakfast every day has been my FITTEAM Lean based protein shake.  Lunch on both Monday and Wednesday was a Sambazon and a Cascadian Farms organic snack cookie.  Tuesday I switched up lunch a bit with 3 Pepper Jack cheese stick wrapped in a couple turkey slices wrapped in a leaf of romaine lettuce.  Dinner Monday was a cold cut sandwich at home.  Tuesday was a few chicken strips from Chicken Express and Wednesday was a couple slices of pizza, I know a bit of a fail there.

I have to say though between the diet and exercise I’m pretty happy overall.  Now I’ll just have to see how I do on the scale come the end of the week.  This weekend is going to be pretty busy with a men’s church retreat Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Then Sunday my brother-in-law is heading back to S Korea so we may end up getting wrapped up with some kind of send off.  Probably won’t get the next update posted until early next week.  Until then…

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