Ashwagandha – Indian ginseng…

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Ashwagandha is another herb that has been used for centuries by a variety of Asian cultures as well as some Native American and African societies.  It’s purported benefits are wide ranging encompassing everything from weight loss fighting cancer, diabetes, and asthma to more mundane uses such as it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  The list of uses is pretty incredible and the history of it’s uses is well documented in many cultures for centuries.

Recent medical research has corroborated some of these benefits but like many herbal supplements the research is ultimately inconclusive on it’s own at this point.  Of course, like so many herbal supplements ashwagandha is something that women who are pregnant or nursing will want to consult their OB, pediatrician and/or lactation specialist.  Similarly if you are taking any long term medications for conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure issues consult your physician about possible interactions with your medications.

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