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Well…  The end of the week got a bit screwed up yet again with my brother-in-law from S. Korea being in town.  The FITTEAM FIT was about the only consistency that survived the end of the week without interruption.  Thursday evening I was able to squeeze in another Max Trainer workout since I can get them done in under 30 minutes.  Breakfast and lunch on Thursday were the typical fair of oatmeal for breakfast and Sambazon and meal bar for lunch.  Dinner on the other had was chicken enchilada soup with the brother-in-law and his family.

Friday was a rest day in terms of working out.  Breakfast was one of the little meal bars with some milk.  Lunch was the sharing nachos with my lunch buddies at BJ’s Brewhouse and dinner was popcorn and a hotdog at the movie theatre watching The Great Wall which was quite better than expected.

Saturday I got in a good workout in the morning with the P90X Core Synergistics followed by a protein shake for breakfast.  Lunch was a chicken wrap with a few chips and salsa and for dinner the wife and I split some fajitas at our favorite Mexican restaurant along with the usual chips, queso, tortillas, etc.  I tried to keep dinner reasonable but probably didn’t do so well.

Sunday is always donuts before church and today was no exception.  I do however hold myself to only 2 where I used to have 3.  Lunch/dinner ended up being one long meal/grazing as we did a family cookout again for the brother-in-law and family.  That consisted of bacon wrapped, stuffed jalepenos, burgers, hotdogs, and deviled eggs.  I had a couple eggs, a couple jalepenos, a burger and most of a hotdog over a 3 or 4 hour stretch.

The good news is that thru all of this, prior to Sunday, I was still able to move the needle in the right direction a smidge.  Saturday morning I weighed in at 222.8 lbs so I dropped about half a pound this week.  The plan is to move the workouts back to the morning before work and before anything else gets in the way or gets me side-tracked from getting them done.

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