FITTEAM Lean Protein Powder

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Lean is the second product in the FITTEAM family.  Like FIT, Lean is a 100% USDA certified organic protein powder that is vegan and kosher, say and lactose free so it’s diet friendly for pretty much everybody.  Lean is composed of plant based proteins with a mild vanilla flavor so it’s easy to mix in with pretty much anything.  You can take Lean straight with water or almond milk or something similar.  Lean also is a great addition to protein smoothies whether they are chocolate, vanilla, or even fruit flavored.

Lean is a great addition to a post-workout protein shake.  Lean contains 10 grams of protein and while this might not be enough for athletes and gym rats, it’s pretty good for most of us mere mortals.  If you do fall into the gym rat or athlete category Lean is still an awesome addition when you pair it with another protein rich source like liquid egg whites and/or peanut butter.  For those who are good with dairy, milk makes a great base and for those wanting to avoid dairy, almond or coconut milk also makes a great base.  Suffice to say, Lean is a great addition whether as a post-workout, snack, or even meal replacement shake.

Don’t take my word for it.  Give Lean a try for yourself.  Just leave us a message on how to get started getting lean with Lean.

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