Middle of the FIT lovin’ week in February…

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Well, here we are in the middle of February.  My ankle continues to be a bit tweaky so I’m focusing on workouts other than running.  I’ve been a bit more disciplined on the diet side of things so hopefully Friday will show some good results.  However, last night being Valentine’s Day the wife and I went out for dinner and a movie so that wasn’t particularly ideal on the diet.  Oh well, priorities…

Every day this week breakfast has been the blueberry oatmeal and my FITTEAM FIT.  Lunch has been either a 6″ cold cut trio from Subway or the little meal bar and a Sambazon.  Dinner Monday was a FITTEAM LEAN protein shake after my workout and tonight, Wednesday, is pork chops with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Monday’s workout was the shoulders & arms P90X routine.  This was definitely a good workout and got a great sweat going.  Tuesday was planned to be the Max Trainer but I got dropped a last minute surprise of watching the 5 month old nephew.  That actually turned in to a workout since for about 45 minutes the only thing he wanted to do was be carried around so my arms got blasted again.  This afternoon I got in yesterday’s Max Trainer workout along with some stretching.

I’ll try to get my end of the week post up before the end of the weekend.  Thanks for following along.

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