Red Yeast Rice

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Red yeast rice is a fermented type of rice that is cultivated with a mold and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries dataing back to at least 800AD.  It has also been commonly used as a food coloring for some tofu and other dishes as well as for saki.  In Chinese medicine it’s uses included invigorating the body, aid in digestion, and revitalize the blood.  In more modern times red yeast rice was researched and basically used to create some of our modern statin drugs that are commonly prescribed to lower cholestrol.  These subsequent drugs have had impressive clinical results in China for instance in by reducing subsequent heart attacks by 45%.

Aside from Chinese medicine, the bulk of red yeast rice benefits seem to surround it’s potential beneficial effects on cholesterol and LDL.  Side effects seem to be minimal and similar to the statin drugs derived from it.  Of course, women who are pregnant or nursing will want to consult their OB, pediatrician and/or lactation specialist about FITTEAM FIT.  Anyone with liver or kidney disease would also want to consult a physician before taking red yeast rice.  This is also good advice in general for anyone taking long term medicines for other conditions as a precaution.

Here is a link to an article for the University of Maryland Medical Center for more information.

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