Tea, both green and white…

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These are two related ingredients, obviously, that have been used worldwide for centuries.  These have a wide range of overall health benefits ranging from possible benefits for prevention of some types of cancer to weight loss to improved cardiovascular health and a subsequent reduction in stroke risk.  Some of these potential benefits are related to the teas catechins which are a natural type of antioxidant that many people already associate with green tea but white tea has a similar but slightly different profile of these chemicals which makes them both a wonderful addition to FITTEAM FIT.

Additionally, just look at the long list of benefits and potential benefits associated specifically with green tea.  Here is just a partial list of what the link below will provide you with:  improved cholesterol profile, reduced risk of clogged arteries, reduced cervical, ovarian, breast and bladder cancers, lowering of risk to develop high blood pressure, increased bone mineral density, protection from developing Parkinson’s disease, and many more potential benefits.


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