Took a bit of a tumble…

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The first part of the week has gone pretty well though on my run this morning I took a bit of a tumble.  Running on a dark street with no sidewalks or curbs can be dangerous.  I rolled my right ankle a bit on the way out of our neighborhood this morning about a half mile into the run.  Down I went scraping up my hands and left shin a bit.  Thankfully, I was able to walk it off and actually finished the 2.5 miles I was planning on this morning.

Now that my little accident is out of the way…  Monday I also ran about 2.5 miles in our neighborhood and it was a pretty good run.  Breakfast was blueberry oatmeal and lunch was Chinese, orange chicken with brown rice.  Dinner on Monday evening was baked chicken breast with green beans and red potatoes which was quite tasty.

Tuesday morning was once again blueberry oatmeal and lunch was an oat and chocolate cookie like square and a bottle of Sambazon.  This makes for a really nutritious lunch that keeps the calories down since I often tend to eat a larger meal for dinner with the family.  Dinner was an open faced turkey sandwhich along with some mashed potatoes.  The Tuesday workout got squeezed out because of an awesome FIT party we hosted at our house.  We had a couple of our affiliates and a couple potential new customers and it was just fun and laid back.

Today, Wednesday, I started the day with my run and had a protein shake comprised of liquid egg whites, kefir, dark chocolate almond milk and FITTAM Lean protein powder.  Lunch was a fajita chicken wrap with a few tortilla chips and salsa.

Look for the next update this weekend.  Get FIT to stay fit!

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