Week 2 of Feb done…

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I got a little side tracked over the weekend and I’m a bit late for this update.  Not sure I remember all of the foods I ate towards the end of last week but I think I was pretty good.  The scale on Friday morning showed positive results with my weigh in at 223.4 lbs.  So this makes for about 7 lbs in two weeks which I’m plenty happy with.

The ankle continues to be a bit tweaky so I’m taking a break from the running again until it feel more consistently stable.  Thursday afternoon I did the P90X Core Synergistics which is a great total body workout definitely hitting the core with lots of lunges and squats.  Friday was rather easy with some stretching and the Bow Flex Max Trainer again.  Always amazes me how much of a workout I get in that 15 minutes.  Saturday wasn’t a specific workout but I definitely got some exercise in with cleaning up the garage and building some new shelving in a storage closet.

Today (Monday) I’m going to be hitting the P90X again and that will be something upper body I’m thinking.  Breakfast was the old standby of blueberry oatmeal and lunch was a fajita chicken wrap with some chips and salsa.  Dinner tonight is going to be the protein shake after my workout.  Of course, let’s not forget the FITTEAM FIT before breakfast and lunch.

Hope everyone has a good week.  Looking at the next post mid week again.

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